About Us

I am Kay Pillai-Sacks, a wife and mother to two children and I am located in Virginia Water, Surrey.
I was born in Malaysia, to a large family of strong women all interested in food and cooking. I’ve travelled the world and lived in various different countries – I’ve attended the Sydney Seafood School in Australia, I’ve taught Indian cooking in Belgium and I developed internationally flavoured recipes whilst living in Switzerland, France and England. While I lived in New York, I provided a service to new Mums where I cooked for the first two weeks after they returned home from hospital. When you combine that background, a love of travel and a passion for food, it ignites something special.

The business started when we saw busy families struggling with lack of time – we wanted to give people time to sit round the table of an evening and enjoy a tasty, nutritious family meal. But soon that developed into something else as word spread about my varied catering ability – people began to ask for food from different parts of the world and in larger quantities, so now the business has shifted focus to catering for large events, parties and functions – everything from christenings, to birthdays and beyond. More recently I have been catering for corporate events for companies such as Shell, McKinsey, Concur-SAP and Schlumberger – both in the workplace and at home which have been incredibly well received.

My next venture is cookery classes – with my passion for food, I want to be able to share my knowledge and to teach other people. I have successfully run courses for teenagers leaving home for University and soon I will be offering students the opportunity to learn cooking skills in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh award.

You will need to allow a minimum two days notice for home cooked meals. The majority of our meals can be eaten on the same day or frozen for future events.